General Training

Does your dog jump up at everyone it sees, pull you down the road on a walk or run off and ignore your constant calling? These are some of the most common issues owners have with their dogs. 
I can help you with all the above plus general obedience training or helping you train your new puppy or rescue dog. 

If you are unable to commit to group classes or maybe they are not suited for you or your dog, then a 1 to 1 Session is the perfect choice so that we get to focus on the issues that matter most to you. 

The session will be for 1 hour during which I will give you the skills and techniques to get the behaviours you require from your dog. Sessions can take place at your home or within your local area. 

Cost £40.00
(within 10 mile radius of Bognor Regis. Please contact for prices outside of this location)


Sessions are conducted on a one 2 one bassis


At your home or within your local area

£40 per session

within 10 mile radius of Bognor Regis

scentsible dog training
scentsible dog training


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